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"What's your creative process?" series - part 7: Emmi Jormalainen, illustrator

I met Emmi on Christmas day of 2009, when I visited my friend Memi in Finland for the first time. Emmi was very kind to host me during my visit to Memi, and so I stayed with her for a few days. Then a little while later, I realised that I had been liking her and her friends' creations for quite a while, and that they were sharing a studio (Studio Panama)... where they kindly took me, for my greatest visual delight. I saw a tiny glimpse of Emmi working, and sat there for a while, with Memi and a cup of tea. I have beautiful memories from this vacation. Her visual universe is deep and filled with everyday-ness mixed with dreamy cuteness, colours and greys. Whenever I see her art, I feel warm inside. I am the happy and proud owner of a painting Emmi did for my therapy practice... It's very uplifting to see her art while I work with clients. People also look at the painting while they're thinking, and I always hope it inspires them too.
You can find Emmi's work on her personal page, and also on Studio Panama's page.
She has just released an experimental children's book with a visual storytelling, about a tree and the animals who live in it. It's called "Puu" ("Tree" in Finnish). You can purchase it from Studio Panama.

mix of things I remember.
4) do you believe that what you do comes from yourself, or do you believe you are the
visualize the things I see, feel and experience.
5) do you have habits concerning time, objects, location, when you are creating?
6) does the "finished product" usually looks like what you had imagined, or do you
7) how do you decide that a piece is finished?
8 ) how important is it for you to share your creation with others? how do you impact / interact with their comments, criticism, opinions?

9) what is your relationship with your past creations?
10) what is the easiest and the most difficult part of creating for you?

1) how do you usually describe what you do?
I'm working as an illustrator. I have MA in Graphic Design and my work is somewhere
between design, illustration and fine arts. I work with a wide range of projects (from websites
to book publishing, ad illustrations and children's books) but drawing is the dearest thing for me.

2) how and why did you start creating?
As a kid, we used to draw together with my mom. She is an interior architect so there were
always pens and papers available at home. I also played piano, but I was terribly bad in that.
3) could you describe the steps of your creative process?
I'm addicted to visual impulses. I travel a lot, watch movies, go to see art exhibitions, read
books and make little trips. If I'm on a laptop, I go through Instagram, pinterest, flickr or fffound
and search for inspirational stuff. I don't look for ready ideas, but colors, compositions and
way problems are solved. When I draw, I don't look at those images anymore, I just use the

vessel of another "something" that expresses itself through you?
I think my working is my way to analyze and comprehend the world around me. I try to

It's not magic. I just sit on my desk with paper and pen and start drawing. First 10 or so
drawings are always horrible but after that ideas start to flow.

usually end up with something different than what you had in mind?
I think one is never really finished and nothing is ready or ultimate. If it is that, it becomes
boring. I start with an idea and it usually develops in the process but I work to get the finished
product to look like I imagined. When I get things ready, I'm already planning a next project.

When you can't add or change anything. Being finished doesn't mean it's good.

I share Studio Panama with 3 friends and it's essential to show and talk about works.
However, I have my trusted people from whom I take critique and who I give it to. It always
hurts, it makes you angry, but after a day you will feel better and you can see the point.

I think every work is the reflection of the time and phase I was at that moment.

There is always a terrible moment of doubt in creative process. I hate it but nothing is
possible without that feeling of failing.

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thanks for that series, it`s interesting to read about creative process, doubts, encouragements!