mardi 19 mars 2013

There's more where it comes from.

I liked the stamp

Iphone covers from Nap Page <3

It's a mess.

Oh dear, OH DEAR.
The last week has been quite strange. It's like I'm being reborn again. I guess sometimes, one has to let go of someone else, to be able to hold on to oneself again... Anyway. I received these cute Iphone covers from Nap Page, and I am so happy with them!

I am diving into Buddhism learning again, recovering my religion, I guess (no pun intended).

And I'm also trying to record songs, and it's not working. It's ok. There's more where it comes from :)

2 commentaires:

querido diário a dit…

I´m sure the song are going to come,you are very talented :)

cute i phone covers <3

*it´s true that sometimes some people overshadow our personality and although it usually takes a little pain we have to let go

Delphine a dit…

thanks for your kind messages!