jeudi 21 mars 2013

The city is cold

My city is still so cold! We are all waiting desperately for springtime, and still the sky is dark, the air is freezing and wet, sometimes snowy... So lately I was inspired to take pictures of this kind of bleak atmosphere, and the feeling of beging a bit crushed by the big grey city... And also there's nothing else that I can take pictures of anyway. Come on, spring!

my strange city

Instagram in the city

Instagram in the city

Instagram in the city

And also a new song, it's kind of a frustrated recording session, where i couldn't get more "serious" songs right, and so i recorded this one in 15 minutes to get SOMETHING out of my system. It's about the last day I worked selling cosmetics :)

2 commentaires:

querido diário a dit…

the light will come*

Delphine a dit…

it will! it is coming!