dimanche 2 décembre 2012

Songs & friends

The last few weeks have passed very quickly, I've been filling up with songs, hanging out with some friends, buying records, and just chilling.

My friend Enes from the eco-village visited me, and we had a great time hunting for records, and chilling with awesome music at home. Here he's holding a pretty great french record. On the label, the shop people wrote "this is somewhere between Nick Drake and Vashti Bunyan" on it, and I thought that was insane. But it isn't! This record is very nice.


The songs all came out of me in one go, and now I'm wondering about my process. I don't really edit that much. I play and I record, I leave in some mistakes, and I just upload them. Maybe I should pay more attention to what it all sounds like? I don't know. I've only wanted to record songs for the sake of expressing myself, knowing how crap I am at guitar and frankly how much I hate playing the guitar... but now I'm wondering if this is the only thing I want to focus on, or not :)

My big music-related dream is singing in a band with lots of people. Not have to play an instrument, and sing together with other people... Maybe one day it will happen.

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